At Clicks & Giggles our goal is to turn school photography upside down!  We believe that any time your child is photographed it should be fun and the only way to do that is to get to know them and what makes them laugh. Our greatest compliment is when parents tell us that we "really captured their child's personality". Or when we hear that this was the first time they have had a school photo of their child smiling. We understand because most of our photographers are parents (some are even grandparents!) and we have all been the victim of the school photo that looked like it was taken at the BMV.  

At Clicks & Giggles we spend as much time as we can with each child, helping them get comfortable with our version of school photography.  We understand that your child may be shy or have "stranger danger" issues, so we work closely with their teachers, inviting them to bring your child to watch their friends get their pictures taken or, if possible, let them watch us from the classroom. You and your child's teachers are our best assets, helping us  understand what your child is interested in, what makes them laugh and what they are afraid of. Then, using that information we will strive to make their session a truly fun experience for them!  We will take multiple photos on different backdrops using a variety of props and poses, giving you a private gallery of 10-30+ photos.


PHOTO DATE-First and foremost for parents is knowing the day your child will be photographed on. We have based our schedule on a roster provided by your school. Please make every effort to be aware of the day your child is scheduled as we may be challenged to fit them into another day.

SIBLINGS-We love photographing siblings! We will photograph your children separately and together.  When you purchase the individual photos we give you the siblings together as our gift. Because our time with each child is short and we have lots of children to photograph, we ask that your child's session only be with siblings, not friends or other relatives.

 WHAT TO WEAR-Please send your child to school dressed in the  clean, unwrinkled outfit you would like them photographed in that day. There is limited time allocated for each child's photo session so unfortunately there is not time or personnel to allow for clothing changes. If a child returns a second day for a second shoot, this will be a second gallery and a second charge - those photos won't be included in the original photo gallery.

 OUR COMMITMENT-We spend the maximum amount of time possible with every child, encouraging multiple poses and lots of grins. Each child is very different, so each gallery is very different. We cannot promise how many smiling photos we will get of your child or even how many photos we will get at all. We will promise to do our best to work with your child and the school to get those smiles, even if we have to let them go back to class and come back a little later. Just know that some children simply don't like being photographed, but you can expect us to go the extra mile to get those great photos!

ORDERING YOUR PICTURES-You will have several choices for delivering your photos.  All of those options will be sent home with your child once your gallery is live.  Options include all photos on a flash drive, all photos in a downloadable gallery, "Design Your Own" print packages and fun, unique gift options such as Letter Art, Collages and much more.  You will have access to your child's gallery within a week following their photo shoot. 

If you order the Flash Drive or the Download, you can use them any way you like and they come with a print release so they can be printed anywhere you like, or we are happy to print for you!  You can post them on Facebook (or wherever), send them to anyone, even give the link to family and friends and allow them to download THEIR faves - we think of it as intellectual property with pictures!

We hope we get to enjoy a picture day at your school, in the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 513-484-0054. Or you can email us at [email protected].


                KEEP SMILING!