Clicks & Giggles isn't just the name of our business it IS our business. We love what we do and it is our pleasure  to focus on your child during their photo session. We feel that a successful photo shoot should be full of lots of clicks and even more giggles and we look forward to lots of both during every shoot!  

Our approach is a little different, we know, but it is our goal to set the bar just a little higher for school photography. So if there is something your child likes or dislikes that will help us connect with them, please let us know! If your child is shy we are happy to let them watch some of their friends be photographed first so they can see that it is actually fine!  If they don't like bright lights we can turn the lights away or shoot without them. We want every child to go home that day and say they had fun getting their picture taken! 

So don't be surprised if you walk by the photography room and hear singing or see dancing or hopping around, it's just us enjoying our photography playdate.